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Connectivity and camaraderie are more important now than ever. As we emerge from the worst of the pandemic, United Adworkers' many members, volunteers, and students have a renewed energy and sense of purpose.


We exist to fuel a flourishing, inclusive creative class in Milwaukee. It has never been easier or more affordable to invest in our creative community.


Please support United Adworkers by sponsoring The Ninety Nine this year. Your brand will be acknowledged by thousands of professionals who are grateful for your support and interested in your offerings.

Social Media Takeover

Get in front of United Adworkers’ 7,100+ social media followers before, during, and after the event. Chose by post or daily takeover options. Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Scheduling to be arranged at time of contract signature.

In-Venue Digital Display Ad

Feature your brand's ad on 10 large display monitors positioned throughout the venue for the entire duration of the event. Still images only, no audio. Estimated run time: (at least) 30 minutes cumulatively

$250: 1920x1080px (2 REMAINING)
Branded Event Cocktail

Be the talk of the party. Create and brand a custom cocktail. Our mixologists will work with you to perfect a spirit that aligns with your brand, which will be promoted on a large display monitor behind the bar.

   SOLD OUT   
99 Show Program Hall of Fame Congratulatory Ad

Your congratulatory message will be featured in 500 printed programs distributed to event guests. The program will also be available for download as a digital PDF on our website following the actual show.

   SOLD OUT   
99 Show Program Sponsor Ad

Your brand's ad will be featured in 500 printed programs distributed to guests. The program will also be available for download as a digital PDF on our website following the actual show. This book is not like our traditional books from past years—it won't show any of this year's winning work.

   SOLD OUT   
Walking Sandwich Board

Get up-close-and-personal visibility. Sponsor our president-elect and resident social butterfly Cory Ampe to wear your brand on a two-sided sandwich board during the happy hour portion of the 99 event. 

   SOLD OUT   
Table Tent Takeover

Place your brand and message at the head of the table. Make that tables. Dozens of table tents with your message and logo will be placed in high-visibility areas throughout the bar and gathering space.

   SOLD OUT   
Post-Event Website Sponsor Display Ad

This exclusive opportunity allows you to sponsor the online showcase after the in-person event. Your display advertising will be seen and shared by everyone who wants to check out this year’s work and winners. 

$1200: 970x250px (1 REMAINING)
Dress the Board of Directors

The 2021 AdWorkers Union Board of Directors will wear a t-shirt of your chosing during the happy hour portion of the event. Cost includes materials and production.

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We're a group of creative professionals, so we love a good idea when we hear it. Do you have your own idea for a unique sponsorship opportunity that better reflects your brand and want to pitch it to us?


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