Until She Can (Integrated Campaign)

Integrated, 360°, or Multimedia Campaign

Honorable Mention

During COVID, domestic violence in MKE rose 21%. Domestic violence-related homicides skyrocketed 79%. To send a message of hope to survivors, we rallied local/national influencers to speak for the survivors who don’t think they have a voice. We called the movement #UntilSheCan. And we flooded social media with stories of real survivors. Campaign generated over 1 million video views, 1.5 million social interactions and 120 media stories generating over 100 million media impressions.




Gary Mueller, Kevin Kriehn, Kate Tierney, Sam Smith, Alison Galarza, Charity Ekpo, Maddy Margulis, Lauren Sutter, Nick Collura, Anthony Giacomino, Martha Switalski, Kyra Arendt, Sarah Schmidt, Lauren Murray, Tara Cribb, Sarah Beisbier, Madison Hicks, Alex Boeder, Kevin Michaels, Kylie Frick, Melissa Masters, Deontre Jones, Fred Ziegler, Rob Birdsall, Karen Nennig, Dave Kuhnen, Deb Schimmel/Whitehouse Post, Oisin O'Driscoll/The Mill, Stephanie Barkow, Sean Pitts, Colleen Moore, Abby Rennicke

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