Support Local (Integrated Campaign)

Integrated, 360°, or Multimedia Campaign

Honorable Mention

COVID-19 hit our small businesses hard. Being home to over 450,000 of them, they are the heart of our state’s economy and the soul of our communities. With fear of the virus keeping people indoors, online shopping jumped 44% year-over-year. However, much of that money went to giant retailers. To help our hometown heroes, we embarked on a crusade to save them and envisioned a campaign to not only remind people to support local businesses but give them tips on how to simply and safely do so.


Nelson Schmidt


Mike Fredrick, Jeff Ericksen, Clay Konnor, Sarah Hand, Robert Knuth, Kristi Freidel, Sabrina Karani, John Behn, Dave Kiehl, Peter Batchelder

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