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'tis the Season for Snow ‘n’ Tell

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Join UA and Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) for winter warmers and Wrench talk.

Past 99 Best in Show winners Sam Smith, Chelsey Wahlstrom, Ken Hanson, Damian Stringes, Joe Sutter, Nick Pipitone and Pat Laughlin will give you a backstage look at the inspiration and craft behind their winning work. They'll share how they sold in the concepts, discuss executional challenges and detail their visions vs the real-world outcomes. Bonus: you'll also get their tips on how to succeed at award shows.

Wednesday, December 13th

191 N Broadway Suite 102, Milwaukee

Free admission. Donations encouraged. Cash bar and snacks available.


The 99: Leap Year Edition

The 99 Show is jumping to February 29, 2024.

Aaaaah, February 29th. Leap Day. It’s not just a clever premise for an Amy Adams rom-com, a day added to every fourth year to keep our seasons from going wonky, or Superman’s mythical birthday. It’s also the date of the United Adworkers 99 Show!

November 28th: Entries Open

December 22nd: Deadline for Submissions February 29th: The 99 Award Show

Click the button below for The 99 Award Show details, rules for entry and to submit your work.


UA Welcomes New Board Members

Seven new faces join the United Adworkers Board for 2024

These fine folks will be joining existing board members Cory Ampe, Diana Bagley, Rachel Bertsch and Jeff Ericksen. We are so excited to have them aboard, and look forward to an incredible 2024.

Controller, Laughlin Constable

Assoc. Director of PR, Bader Rutter

Chief Creative Officer, Laughlin Constable

Nat'l Executive Director, The BrandLab

Audio Engineer / Sound Designer / Composer, Independent Studios

Producer / Director

Creative / Art Director


MKE Creative Community Events

Saturday, December 2–Sunday, December 24 MARN Marketplace Exhibition

Have a marketing, advertising or other creative event coming up? Let us know! We’ll add it to the next newsletter. Email:


Sincerely, United Adworkers, LTD Honest. Hardworking. True.


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